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Improving sales manager’s ability to lead and coach

We provide leadership and coaching training and consulting to help sales managers to achieve the organization goals by leading and coaching their teams to achieve their full potential


Leaders at every level are critical to the success of your organization. They are responsible for the people who articulate value to customers. They have the biggest influence over the organization’s reputation for service and quality. They are the keepers of the competitive edge. How do you ensure they are best equipped for the challenge?


World-class sales organizations focus on helping their managers to become true leaders and coaches of their people. This focus helps them become more proactive and it results in a team which is differentiated from the competition. Just as a sports team needs a coach, your teams need effective coaches too

Sales Management

Every organization needs to keep renewing its competitive edge. This means getting the front line to do something differently. It is not easy for many managers to step-up to the challenge of the roles of ‘Leader and Coach’ because it can involve the need for considerable change in behavior. What can you do to help them?

“I wanted to get back to you following our year-end and more importantly, a major set of announcements. I am pleased to say we had an exceptional year following the training you delivered: revenues grew +65% over last year’s sales, 8% over budget and we beat our profit forecast….in addition, four of our six managers have received the biggest promotions of their careers … one becoming a National Sales Director, another becoming a GM, Richard taking my place as MD and I am moving to the US to become Senior Vice President and General Manager for Mid-Market. Together, we will have responsibility for almost 20% of total revenues (up from 1% a year ago!) All very exciting.”SVP/GM Channels, Global Software Company.

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